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Herwaybow, LLC is a family owned business building custom bows by hand. Our bows start with an idea of what types of woods and color combinations that the customer wants. We make every effort to hand pick as much of the wood as we possibly can. The carnivore riser's design allows up to three different woods to be used and even though some wood combinations may be the same no two bows are ever the same. Few things on this earth rival the warmth and beauty of well finished wood and we pride ourselves in allowing the wood to express itself. We believe that function and form are equally important and need to blend to make a bow that looks good and shoots good.

The first time you pick a up a bow made by Herwaybow, it will welcome your hand in such a way that it begs to be shot.


We, Kevin and Becky Brown, are the owners of Herwaybow, LLC, which is located in Irvington, Kentucky nearly due west of Ft. Knox. We are very active in promoting youth in the outdoors and support many youth activities in our community and various clubs and organizations in which we belong. We have two talented daughters who also shoot, hunt, fish, camp and are very active in the outdoors. In October 2009 we welcomed a Son-in-law to our family and he fits in quite nicely and in 2015 we welcomed another Son-in-law who hunts as well. We feel it is important to pass along to our youth today the traditions of the outdoors because they are the ones that will preserve the hunting grounds and outdoor traditions we enjoy today. They are our legacy.


Herwaybow, LLC got its name because we "name" each bow we make. The name came about when Kevin questioned Becky about what finish she wanted on a bow he was making for her and she made the comment that she wanted it done her way. That bow was named "Herwaybow" and when he decided to form a company, it was obvious what to name it.


We hope you enjoy the site, we welcome any feedback you may have and thank you for visiting our site. We hope you will check in often to see whats new.





Kevin and Rebecca Brown