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I am a paralegal by profession, a real-estate agent, own a daycare and I am involved in many community activities.I am a NASP Coach for an elementary school in our area. I believe that in order to make a young person worth something, you have to invest a little time in them. I have worn many hats in my lifetime but the most rewarding so far is being mother of our two daughters, Whitney and Chelsey, and "GiGi" to our two grandchildren. Our daughters have both grown to be two pretty fantastic individuals which have made us very proud. Kyle Carman and our oldest daughter, Whitney, were married in October of 2009 at a beautiful ceremony on my parent's farm. Jesse Kiper and Chelsey, our youngest, married September 2015 on the farm at a beatiful sunset ceremony! Kevin and I are both proud grandparents to Jackson and Caroline. Of course Kevin has already made two bows for Jack, and I am sure Caroline will also have one soon. The spoiling has begun!


My primary role in Herwaybow, LLC is business support, but I am also very active in the process of designing the bows. Although Kevin does all of the craftsman work, my role involves helping with the selection of wood combinations and finishes, and designing new bow lines for the business to expand. It is just amazing to see the progression of each bow from start to finish and to witness the beauty that is waiting in each one.


Since cancer has taken several close family members in pretty dramatic ways I have chosen to put the link to the Susan B. Komen Foundation on our site. Please visit the link on this page or the home page to see how you can help or just to learn about the Susan B. Komen Foundation.


Take a look at "OUR BOWS" or "Bows for Sale" and you will see what is available. When you find something you are particularly interested in, contact us so that we can get started on your masterpiece.


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