Our Bows


Herwaybow believes that function and form are equally important and need to blend to make a bow that looks good and shoots good. We believe that the first time you pick a bow up it should welcome your hand in such a way that it begs to be shot. Smooth flowing lines make our bows a pleasure to shoot. A Herwaybow will make you the alpha hunter in your neck of the woods.


The Warranty: The warranty is pretty simple:


Herwaybow will repair anything as a result of poor craftsmanship up to the original purchase price of the bow for a period of one year after purchase and delivery of your bow. Herwaybow will even buy your bow back within 30 days of your purchase if you are not totally satisfied with it. Every effort will be made to satisfy your needs.


Neither seller or manufacturer shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage arising out of the improper use or operation of the bow. User of the bow assumes all risk and liability in determining proper and suitable use of the bow. Dry firing voids warranty. Damage due to misuse, neglect and/or improper stringing voids warranty. Warranty is not transferable and only valid to the original purchaser/owner.


Even though top quality materials are used, a bow is still a tool with inherent limitations.


Here at Herwaybow we believe in continuous improvement and regard any ideas or suggestions as opportunities to improve our bows and ultimately offer you, the customer, a better bow.

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