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I am a machinist by trade. I have been married to Becky since September, 1985, and we have two beautiful daughters. Becky and both of the girls shoot with me. Becky's niece and nephews also like to shoot with us, they are young and still think we're cool.


I have been hunting nearly all of my life, my father is a hunter and from the time I was old enough to go hunting, he took me, now I take him. My dad has given me my deep appreciation of the outdoors. He always took the time to teach me about hunting, fishing and the great outdoors. He is also a huge influence in my craft since he enjoys woodworking and building things and I learned all my woodworking skills from him.




 I started out with a stick and string, literally. I don't ever recall not having a bow. Dad shot a bow, so did I. I use to shoot leaves on the ground in the yard pretending they were a big ol' carp. A Bear Kodiak Magnum was the first real bow I had and shot a lot of fish with it over the years. I got all caught up in the compound craze back in the late 70's and went that way for a long time. Then finally realized the compound bow had taken the intimacy out of the hunt and I longed for a challenge. The simple stick and string had given me back the childhood passion I had for hunting and shooting. I say simple because that is exactly what it was, a simple stick and a string. I started with an osage self bow for myself and then one for Becky and progressed from there. I love to build things and it has been a natural progression from the simple elegance of an osage lonbow to the high performance carnivore hybrids we now make. I still make a selfbow on occasion too. They are such a joy to make and their simple elegance is refreshing.


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Kevin Brown